High Quality Asphalt provides the most professional and better conservation of your asphalt surfaces. We expertize in the maintenance and protection of services which we provide which circumflexes around civil construction services, maintaining the asphalt driveways and pavements, commercial asphalting and also earthworks and excavations.

We are the most renowned company serving throughout the Sydney area. We have gained immense trust among the vast majority of corporations, residences as well as of all major industries in the area. We are transparent and honest and we strive to maintain so. Completing the job well within the time frame and in the budget, we hold a lot of experience in our area of expertise.

Our service is delivered with proper care and we also go ahead with routine checkups to ensure the longevity and protection of your asphalt surfaces. We also provide preventative maintenance to parking lots and driveways increasing the pavement’s lifespan and reducing costs along with offering high-quality pavement and driveway replacement.

Our services include excavation of subgrade full preparation, reclaiming of the patchwork and installation of concrete sidewalks and even patios so, it is not limited to grading and paving. We here provide a wide variety of services. Let us now show you why we are so much renowned in our field.


Experts In Roadworks & Civil Construction. The team at High Quality Asphalt has the knowledge it takes to meet even the most complex of requirements..


Asphalt can be a very cost-effective solution for a new driveway compared to other common materials, perfect if you’re on a lower budget and our quick installation causes less disruption to your home during construction.


Our commercial services range from Pothole Repairs, Flowcon Patching Services & Resurfacing to the full construction of a car park for commercial spaces, supermarkets, forecourts & more.

Our team has many years of experience in delivering cost-effective earthwork solutions to the some of the most complex and challenging ground conditions.